Argyll & Bute Community Planning

Argyll and Bute Community Planning Partnership has developed a ten year plan that will focus on the ambition that “Argyll and Bute’s economic success is built on a growing population”.

This ten year plan the Single Outcome Agreement/Local Outcome Improvement Plan, sets out a focus for partnership working for the council, all public sector organisations and community bodies in the area to reach the overall ambition.

Reversing population decline and supporting economic growth is interdependent on many things affecting people’s lives such as transport, education, access to skills development, opportunities and ability to maintain individual’s health and wellbeing. The Single Outcome Agreement recognises this and sets out 6 high level aims to support the overall ambition. These are referred to as the six outcomes of the Single Outcome Agreement.

The plan can be found here.

You can also download these questions which will link the work of your action plan to the Argyll & Bute 10 year vision.