External resources: Planning ahead

Links to further resources and information that you might find useful.

Achieving Community Empowerment (ACE): Planning section

The ACE process is intended to help community groups and organisations become more confident, better organised, and more effective in achieving their aims. Section 2 of the ACE guide is about is about planning, including setting outcomes and working out how we will achieve these. 



LEAP stands for Learning, Evaluation and Planning, and takes you through a four-stage cycle of planning what you want to achieve, recording what you do and reviewing what you have done. Information about the approach is available from the LEAP website. There is also an online planning and evaluation tool on the site. For information and access to the tool contact SCDC at 0141 248 1924 or by email to: david@scdc.org.uk 


Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS)

ESS works with voluntary organisations and funders so that they can measure and report on their impact. It offers a range of support guides on matters relating to planing and evaluation, including setting outcomes and developing logic models that show the links between your activities and their wider impact.


Communities Channel Scotland

The Communities Channel  website contains a list of accessible resources for planning and evaluation.